About The Barefoot Diaries

I wanted to create a beautiful space, a playground. A place that I can go to anytime I need to remember my wild and free essence, a place that inspires me and sparks my true colors. A nourishing space to remember wildness & wisdom. A space where I find solace and softness, clarity and truth and the power of Grace. A space to connect with likeminded wildflowers and where we can play, grow, bloom and create together. The Barefoot Diaries is born from that longing.

This multisensory brand is about a Lifestyle that breathes a sense of freedom and spaciousness. That embraces simplicity and enjoys the little things in life while expanding into more of our full potential at the same time.

The Barefoot Diaries is above all an experience: a niche, a magical place, an alchemical journey, a barefoot lifestyle and a playground to be inspired by, to enjoy and to connect through. A space to remember our wildness & wisdom.

To live the full rainbow of our potential

The Barefoot Diaries is a safe container for your self-discovery on the road to the full rainbow of your potential. No journey of no person is ever the same, nor needs the same things. And only you yourself have the knowledge and wisdom inside about what you need. This space is about embracing our uniqueness fully. Following what we individually need to bloom and be inspired by others that found their way to do so. Let our hearts and love lead the way, instead of (unconscious) fears.

What’s to come?

  • Mentoring program

A collective with other wise wildflowers where I provide space to dive deep into new layers of your creative (life) force.

There will be sub-mentoring programs available like: Free Your Inner Writer, How to write your book (that I already run in Dutch).

  • Products and books

Products that ignite The Barefoot Lifestyle. From books, a journal to art.

And much more that will unfold organically…

Already here!

To get a taste of this Barefoot Lifestyle I created a website, that will be a book as well, with portraits of beautiful people around the globe living a free, grounded and connected lifestyle, each in their very own unique way.
Free souls on a roll!

My Barefoot Diary

In My Barefoot Diary blog I keep you updated on launches, I share little pieces of art to spark true colors and give you a peek behind the scenes of this multisensory brand. To be a part of the tribe and not miss a thing: please join the newsletter.

Next step: the Vision behind The Barefoot Diaries



The wildflower that you are…

So simple and enormous courageous at the same time

It’s all about the unique wildflower that we all are, with our own specific shadows, qualities and gifts. And that ‘all’ you have to do is give space to your uniqueness, welcome anything that arises in every moment fully so that you can grow from the seed more and more into your full blooming, your full potential. It’s so simple and an enormous courageous journey at the same time. It’s the natural vulnerable state of us a human beings that we drifted away from.
Not easy, but so real and therefore full of magic.

Wildflower, thanks for being here!