Michèle Bevoort

Michèle Bevoort

Michèle Bevoort - life artist, author & mentor

I create. That’s what I do, that’s who I am. I’m a writer, magazine maker, content manager and graduated as a holistic life therapist. I dance, I illustrate and play the cello. But most of all I see myself as a multi-creative. The different expressions of my creativity come together in my multisensory brand The Barefoot Diaries. It’s intended to be a nourishing place for myself and hopefully for you too. A space where we remember our wild & free essence together, a place where our true colors get sparked!

My own journey has been without a doubt a journey of liberation. To catalyze stagnant situations and to shift blockages within myself or wherever I meet them. Unlocking freedom at all levels. Not necessarily by choice, but this happens by me just being true to myself. True inner freedom was always a big theme and longing in my life. Free from patterns, fears, identifications and attachments that did not serve me anymore. Peeling them off layer by layer and therefore, step by step, revealing a bit more of my full potential as a human being.

Learning lessons through trial and error, by falling down and getting back up again. Learning through life experiences and through the more difficult situations I encounter. Many times I died a little (or a lot), gaining more aliveness at the other side of it. Although it brought me a magical ride of the real, it’s a challenging path as well. Clearing and cleaning out stagnated energy or locked emotional patterns to spark more of my true colors, find more and more of my (joyful) essence and free the unlimited reservoir of my life force and therefore my creativity…

I’m a warrior and a rebel in a peaceful way. By being my most authentic self and not compromising my truth. Daring to let go of what my mind perceives to be the ‘normal’ way, because many others live their lives like it (major challenge… but getting better at it) and follow my heart anyway. Be a changer in the world by living a colorful life in my very own unique way. And giving other changers a platform to share the story of their inspiring lives.

To make living itself an art, that is the goal.
— Henry Miller

Traveller at heart

Born and raised in The Netherlands, and a traveller at heart. Many years I rooted down in one place and followed a deep inner journey of personal development. Until I decided it was time for a new adventure. For more than three years now I live without my own home and therefore I experience the freedom to travel often, live in very special places and be in other countries for longer and writing/working from there. From a paradise in the ricefields outside Ubud, Bali to a seaside apartment close to nature on the island Ibiza in the silent wintertime and more. A very rich period in my life, with ups and of course also downs (just as life is). That step might seem grand and compelling, but actually to me it was about the opposite: embracing The Simple Life fully. In these years I let go of so much that I didn’t need anymore, literally and figuratively. I learned a lot about surrendering, I learned to trust life and daring to ‘not know’ upfront how the journey will unfold and what each next step would look like. For me that took a lot of courage. The result was a great sense of inner peace and more spaciousness in my heart, in my soul, in my perception of time and in my life. Space where I started creating my brand The Barefoot Diaries from.


Knowledge is in the knowing, but wisdom is in the not knowing

At the moment I live in different places close to my roots in The beautiful Netherlands, but I’m so globally wired that I will always feel like a world citizen at the same time. After a phase that was all about ‘experiencing’, about nourishment and letting go, I enter a phase with more stability now. A phase to pour all the inspiration of the last years into creative projects. Root down again and from that base I can travel when I feel like it and live, work and connect in other countries too. Changing environment every now and then (from nature to city for example) depending on what suits me most in each (creative) phase or moment. To nourish those both parts of me, the homey part ánd the adventurer, makes me feel most alive!

If I surrender with an open heart that tells me ‘yes or no’ with each decision, life wíll guide me.
My job is to trust the process (and yes, that is quite a practise…).
This to me is freedom and living a Barefoot Lifestyle.

Surrender to your life’s path

Lately I came across my preschool teacher. I was in her very first class when she started teaching in her early twenties. She told me that she always remembered that she asked the class I was in: what do you want to be when you grow up? After some firemen, policemen and a few ballerina’s it was my turn and I, a little introvert girl with white blonde hairs and a straight bang, said: when I grow up I just want to become myself! I laughed so hard when she told me this, cause it’s so profound in a way and exactly what my whole life’s path turned out to be about :). Dare to let go of systems as they are provided to us in this world, systems that are not sustainable to me. Liberate myself to be my most authentic self and as close to my essence, my source, as I can be. One step at a time.

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