The Tools

writing & creative mentoring


The Barefoot Diaries is above all an experience: a niche, a magical place, an alchemical journey, a barefoot lifestyle and a playground to be inspired by, to enjoy and to connect through. A space to remember our wildness & wisdom.

The Tools: writing and mentoring

You create the story of your life as you are the author. Let go of the stories that no longer serve you and start to write a loving open new spacious story. Create a new narrative of endless possibilities. If you don’t love your story, the next chapter will repeat more of the same. Letting go of the heaviness of the past and walk into a new bright present. Take radical responsibility for our happiness and our journey. One where we blossom instead of staring endlessly at our wounds. A journey where we detach from the drama. Unlearn the learned. Let go of concepts. Dare to give up our identifications. Back to a zero-point: raw, naked, vulnerable but connected. Not easy at all, but liberating. When we dare to do that, step by step, we can end the suffering around our struggles and surrender to a spacious, authentic and beautiful simple life. Not at all a ‘perfect’ life, life is never perfect, but very very real. We relax into the realness of our being.

Weaving the past, present & future

Through writing or creative mentoring within different products/services of this brand, I weave with you the past, present and future to live an authentic and integrated life. Being fully present in the Now with an integrated past and a vision for the future, without attachment to either (cause attachment to the past, the future or both keeps us away from being fully present in the magical Now).

For the inner journey facilitated within this space, I created a floor plan. To make it easier to find the route towards the sparkle of our soul. This vision is the baseline of a straight, clear, easy and practical methodology to spark true colors. I work with this methodology within The Barefoot Diaries projects and mentoring. This vision is behind the products and services within this brand.

Find the Floor Plan here