When I moved to Bali I was deeply tired of a life with an undertone of struggle. There in my wooden house in the midst of the rice fields I let it all go: the whole rat race, the need to be someone, the need to get better, higher, lighter, the need to DO things all the time.

I just rested in the fullness of my being, knowing that this was all I ever have to ‘do’. Knowing that this was good enough and that I was good enough. These so called ‘digital nomad’ years for me were about resting, reset, true nourishment of my body & soul and a much needed deep integration. Even so this turned out to be an enormous fruitful period as new ideas came to me and I started birthing this brand. Relaxation made space for the new.

The Barefoot Diaries is a brand that truly sprouted from the inside out, from the depths of my soul.

And of course, when I let it all go I created space for new people to arrive in my life as well. My mentors that became dear friends and I love deeply. They showed me that being a teacher has nothing to do with any hierarchical system, but all with giving in to a mandala of sweet collaboration. A mutual exchange of inspiration. To rise and expand together. It filled me with so much joy and gratefulness!


My Mentors: wild, wild and wise


Susanna Nova

Swedish Susanna Nova lives in Bali and Scandinavia. She created Spirited Living, the wonder of rituals: a brand infused with raw, magical, real and breathtaking beauty merged with sweet authenticity.  

Spirited Living Website and Instagram

Gita Minou

Gita Minou who lives in Sweden at the moment, but travels often. She breathes her brand Plug Into Your Potential. A space that takes you far beyond what you ever thought possible.  

Plug Into Your Potential Website and Instagram


From there I very naturally connected with a small group of amazing, Swedish, wild and wise women. We formed this creative collective The Wild Wild Wise and they all contributed with their loving feedback from their field of expertise and from their beautiful being to The Barefoot Diaries. Women who created similar brands all in their own field of genius. Brands infused with beauty, with our essence shining forth through our creativity. This inspired me to create a wild, wise and free playground to connect with many more beautiful wild, wise and free souls all over the world and so The Barefoot Diaries was born.

I hope you feel welcome, whole, free, nourished, inspired and seen here!


The rest of the Wild Wild Wise tribe

Photographer: capturing inner beauty

2018-09-18 (1).png

Denise Boomkens

I worked with Dutch photographer Denise Boomkens for fashion magazines in the past. We connected again as she is working on a beautiful age positive brand &BLOOM and we decided to join forces. She translated the visual aspect of my brand so beautifully in the amazing photographs on the main pages of this website. Photographs that I, here and there, infused with my own art.

I contribute with so much joy to her inspiring project &BLOOM.

&BLOOM Website and Instagram


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